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Different Styles of Mens Underwear

It is an alarming statistic which, according to a recent study, a majority number of men own a single pair of underwear for more than 5 years. Now, there is no reason to be surprised by this. Compare this study with your own life. When was the last time you went and purchased a pair of underwear for yourself? czytaj dalej

Fun Underwear

It is hard for some to imagine a necessity like Wholesale Bikini as a source of fun. In fact, for some, it is the only barrier to fun and often more of a nuisance than anything else is. czytaj dalej

China Has Banned Certain Styles of Bras

During October 2007 China's communist government in Beijing have banned television and radio ads for push-up Wholesale Corsets, sex toys and figure-enhancing under garments. The government believes that this will make TV and radio 'healthier' for the masses. czytaj dalej

Choosing A Bikini To Suit Your Body Type

For many women, the bikini is an essential part of their beachwear wardrobe. Bikinis are available in many different styles, but you should know that not every style goes with every body type. Here are some tips on choosing a bikini to suit your body shape. czytaj dalej

Women’s Leotards, Updated

Female leotards get a bad rap. Often, they’re put in a similar class as leg warmers-written off as an example of 80's nostalgia that is imagined to be fit only for aerobic exercise classes and costume parties. czytaj dalej

Whatever you Gain When You Lose Your Luggage

We hope that you under no circumstances know the feeling: standing exclusively in front of a baggage carousel in a faraway airport, viewing as the conveyor belt makes the rounds, your fellow people slowly plucking their luggage until is actually empty and also you realize your suitcase will not come down that little ramp and into your hands. czytaj dalej

Matching Lingerie Sets - The Foundation of the Perfect Lingerie Collection

discount plus size lingerie will never go out of style. There's just something about see-through lingerie we can't get enough of. Check out any online lingerie gallery, and you'll see the abundance of sheer lingerie. Perhaps it's because it's got just the right "tease" factor. You see some but not all. Sheer erotic lingerie gives the illusion of nudity, yet the fabric barrier saucily says "not yet czytaj dalej